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Meeting Rooms / Reservation Form

Meeting Rooms Use Policy

Policy Statement

The Saugus Public Library has established the following policy and procedures for reserving rooms. The Saugus Public Library has the authority to accept, renew, or reject requests for use of the room under the established policy.

Reason for Policy

The primary purpose of the Saugus Public Library’s meeting rooms is to allow the library to hold meetings and programs that expand access to information and extend library services within the community. Priority for use of the rooms is given to the library and to library-related groups or non-profit groups who hold meetings and programs to enhance the services of the library and benefit the community. The Board of Trustees of the Saugus Public Library welcomes the use of meeting rooms for cultural, educational, informational, and/or civic meetings that it deems to be of general interest to the community.  To promote accessibility of the meeting rooms to a wide variety of community groups, the library may limit meetings for any particular organization. The library director and Board of Trustees reserve the right to reject a reservation request.

Who Must Comply

All community members who reserve rooms at the Saugus Public Library must comply with this policy.


  1. The meeting rooms are available for use during normal hours of library operation. All meetings must end 30 minutes before the library closes, as per the schedule posted on the website.
  2. Library meetings and programs receive first consideration when scheduling the meeting rooms followed by Town of Saugus meetings. The library reserves the right to move a meeting when unforeseen library, town events or meetings create a conflict. The library will attempt to give the group as much notice as possible in these circumstances.
  3. The rooms may be booked up to six months at a time with an extension after the fifth month for another six months if demand permits. However, because the rooms are in great demand, groups which need the rooms for regular meetings are encouraged to investigate alternative sites as backup to the library meeting rooms.
  4. Reservations must be made online (below) at they will be approved on a 1st come 1st served basis. Email confirmation and approval from a library staff member must be received before a meeting is held. Attendance is limited to the established capacity of the rooms. See Appendix A.
  5. No sale of merchandise or exchange of money may take place in the library except for fundraising events of the Saugus Public Library.
  6. The library is not responsible for the loss of, or damage to any property brought on the premises.
  7. Nothing shall be attached to the walls of the rooms.
  8. The individual or group requesting the room will be responsible for the arrangement of the room and for returning the room to the condition it was in before the meeting took place. Time should be allowed immediately before and after the meeting for this purpose so that the group is prepared to leave promptly when the library closes. See #1 which states meetings must end 30 minutes prior to library closure.
  9. The name and contact information of the person requesting the use of the meeting room will be posted on the library website. The individual who reserved the room or principle person using the room, as noted on the room reservation request, must present identification at the circulation desk prior to the meeting and be present during the room use.
  10. Use of the library’s equipment must be requested at the time the room is reserved via the online reservation form. The person completing the request has fiduciary responsibility for the loss of or damage to any and all library equipment, furnishings and facilities.
  11. Parents or caregivers bringing children to meetings must keep the child with them in the meeting room. See Unaccompanied Minors Policy.
  12. Youth groups are welcome to use the meeting rooms. A responsible adult must make the reservation, and that adult must be present during the meeting.
  13. As is the case with the rest of the building, patrons may consume individual, wrapped snack items or lidded/covered drinks in meeting rooms. Consumption of meals, takeout food, outside food deliveries, overly-scented consumables or uncovered beverages is prohibited. The Library staff reserves the right to ask patrons who abuse this privilege to remove the consumable items from the Library. Patrons consuming beverages or food in the library may be financially responsible for any damage resulting from spills or stains. (see also Library User Behavior Policy.) Patrons wishing to consume food or drink beyond that permitted by this policy must obtain permission from the Library Director or their designee prior to occupancy of the meeting room.
  14. The library reserves the right to close the building in inclement weather or for other unforeseen emergencies. See Inclement Weather/Emergency Policy.
  15. The identification, statement, or display of the Saugus Public Library’s name or logo in any way that may reasonably be interpreted as implying endorsement, approval or sponsorship by the library is not allowed.
  16. Individuals or groups using the meeting rooms shall secure any necessary performance licenses and shall indemnify the library for any failure on their part to do so.
  17. Advance notice of at least 48 hours must be given for cancellation of a meeting room reservation.
  18. There is no charge for use of the meeting rooms; however, a donation to the Saugus Public Library is strongly encouraged and appreciated. Donations are used to support library programs.
  19. Failure to comply with any of the above regulations or existing library policies may jeopardize subsequent bookings.

Resources & Contacts

Saugus Public Library administrative office, 781-231-4168, extensions 3100 or 3122.



Room Name Location Max Capacity* Notes
Community Room 1st floor by entrance 50 Light refreshments e.g. coffee, tea, soda, snacks may be served.
Fred Brooks Room 2nd floor 12 Light refreshments e.g. coffee, tea, soda, snacks may be served

*as per Saugus Fire Department occupancy regulation.

Approved by
The Board of Library Trustees
March 27, 2002.

Amended by
The Board of Library Trustees
November 7, 2011; January 1, 2017; and June 7, 2018.


Meeting Room Reservation Form

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    The Community Room features a wall-mounted, 70-inch HDTV connected to a PC (running Windows 7) with a wireless internet connection and a DVD player. This setup can display files or presentations that are cloud-based or stored on USB thumb drives - we do not have all necessary cables to connect your personal labtops. Wireless keyboard and mouse are available. If you will need to use AV equipment at the time of your room reservation, you MUST plan to visit the library ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the equipment - there is no guarantee that a staff-member will be able to assist you at the time of your meeting. There is no AV equipment in the Brooks Room.
  • This person will be expected to present ID at the Circulation desk prior to the meeting taking place.