The Pace Center for Genealogy Research

The Pace Center for Genealogy Research is located in the Reference Room of the Saugus Public Library. The Center is funded by the John R. Pace Trust, in memory of Joseph Wilson Pace.

The Center has developed a collection of genealogy materials to assist in your search for your ancestors, both print and online.

The genealogy materials at the Saugus Public Library are shelved using the Dewey Decimal system. Major areas are listed below. Most will be found in the Genealogy section, 920, but materials in the history section, 747, can be helpful to genealogists. The list, with examples of items typically found in each section, will help you get started, and a catalog search will lead you to other items.

In this section you will find both general and specific guides and aides to finding sources.


Scotch-Irish family research made simple

Black roots : a beginner’s guide to tracing the African American family tree

The Unpuzzling your past workbook : essential forms and letters for all genealogists

Here you will find family histories and genealogies.

Early Lynn families including Lynnfield, Nahant, Saugus and Swampscott : genealogical study from the earliest settlers through the Revolutionary War

The Mayflower Families

The Read family of Salem, Massachusetts

Some examples:

Indian deeds : land transactions in Plymouth Colony, 1620-1691

The pension lists of 1792-1795 : with other Revolutionary War pension records

Vital records, Saugus, Massachusetts, 1630-1699 : alphabetized lists of births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths

For example:

Irish names and surnames

For example:
Charter Street Cemetery burial records : genealogical and historical : Salem, Massachusetts

A guide to cemeteries in Essex County, Massachusetts

Royal families : Americans of royal and noble ancestry

The ancestry of Diana, Princess of Wales : for twelve generations

Here you will find genealogy information in its historical context. The 973 section covers United States history, and 974 includes the northeastern states

For example:

History and genealogy of the Mayflower planters and first comers to ye olde colonie.

History of Middlesex county, Massachusetts, with biographical sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men …

Two database services, and HeritageQuest, provide information for genealogists researching their family histories. Ancestry. com and HeritageQuest are available on all computers in the Library. HeritageQuest is also available from home with a Saugus Public Library Card. Thank you to the Saugus Public Library Foundation for funding

You may also want to try these:
Family Search, a free collection of billions of genealogy records which is available in the library or from home.

the National Archives

Massachusetts Archives