Volunteer Policy

The Saugus Public Library welcomes, values and encourages members of the community to volunteer their time and talents to enrich and expand library services.
Volunteers may be used on a regular basis to assist staff, or for special events, projects, and activities. Library volunteers support the Library’s services by enhancing, rather than replacing adequate staffing. Services provided by volunteers go a long way towards helping the library to make the best use of its fiscal resources.

Selection of Volunteers

  • Volunteers are selected based on their qualifications in relation to the needs of the library at any given time, and based on their ability to commit to a consistent schedule of volunteer hours. Selection of volunteers is the responsibility of the Director and/or volunteer coordinator.
  • Prospective volunteers are requested to fill out an application form and will be interviewed by one of the above individuals. The Library will make every effort to match volunteers to the available jobs. The library maintains the right to deny a volunteer position to anyone it feels is unqualified for the available jobs, based on the application and interview.
  • Only students of high school age (and above) will be accepted for volunteer positions.   Exceptions may be made for short-term assignments to satisfy a community-service requirement for a school or other organization.
  • A CORI check is requested by the library for adult volunteers. (Age 18+)
  • If there are no suitable volunteer opportunities, application forms will be kept on file for a period of one year. Applicants will be called if a project is identified which matches their interests or qualifications.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • For most positions, volunteers are asked to work a consistent schedule of one to two hours a week for a minimum of three months. We ask volunteers to notify the library in advance if they are unable to work their regularly scheduled time.
  • Individuals are asked to wear a name badge that identifies them as a volunteer while they are working at the library. Volunteers are asked to refer all requests for information to the library staff, other than purely directional questions (e.g. where is the children’s room, etc.).
  • Volunteers should sign in and out each time at the Circulation Desk so that the library can record accurate volunteer hours.
  • Volunteers are expected to act in accordance with library policies and to reflect positive customer service attitudes to all library patrons.
  • Volunteer work may be subject to review and evaluation, correction and possibly termination if it is in the best interests of the library.

Training and Supervision

  • The Library Director and volunteer coordinator oversee the volunteer program.
  • Volunteers will receive training in their assigned duties from the library staff member who directly supervises their work.
  • In the event that a volunteer is unable to adequately perform the duties assigned to him or her, and no other appropriate positions are available, the volunteer may be removed from service.
  • The library depends on the services of our trained volunteers.  These individuals will be given meaningful assignments, effective supervision, and recognition of good work.

Work Schedules

  • Volunteers shall only work during hours when adequate supervision is available.
  • Individual work schedules and specific time commitments will be mutually arranged in advance by the volunteer and the library

Community Service

  • The library works cooperatively with local students who must perform community service as part of an authorized school program. Students will be accepted if there is a suitable job match when skills, interests, and schedules are considered.
  • Persons who seek volunteer assignments at the Saugus Public Library to meet a requirement set by an outside agency for the performance of community service shall be subject to the above selection process and all other provisions of this policy.

Accepted by Board of Library Trustees, 2014