Five-Year Strategic Plan, 2021-2025

    The Saugus Public Library serves a community of 28,037 people living and working in the Greater Boston area. As the needs of its changing population continue to evolve, the Library strives to provide a diverse assortment of programs and services that add value to residents’ lives.
    Many of the Saugus Public Library’s traditional offerings remain relevant and popular, like a physical collection of books, a diverse assortment of programs, and comfortable spaces to read, study, and work.
    However, the expectations of a public library’s role in the community have evolved and expanded to include serving as a community hub—a centrally located, safe, and welcoming gathering place in which residents
can be both educated and entertained.
    To proactively address its community’s changing needs, the Library spent several months from 2018 to 2019 developing a plan that identifies how it will allocate its finite resources over the next five years and beyond.
    Saugus Public Library’s Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2021–2025 presents:
• An overview of the planning process;
• Vision and mission statements;
• Multi-year goals and objectives;
• A list of prioritized tactics (aka action plan); and
• Assorted appendices that present the results of all feedback solicitation activities.
    We are pleased to present this dynamic plan and are excited to meet the aspirational goals it sets forth. Using the Strategic Plan as our guide, we believe the Saugus Public Library will remain be a critical, equalizing local resource that offers free access to interesting and fun programs, services, and resources well into the future.

Long Range Plan, Fiscal Years 2021-2025

Appendix A: Strategic Planning Process Flowchart

Appendix B: S.O.A.R. Summary Results 2019

Appendix C: Community Survey Summary Report 2019

Appendix D: Staff Survey Summary Report 2019

Appendix E: Community & Library Profile 2019

Appendix F: Saugus Public Library Goals-Objectives-Projects-Tasks, FY 2021-2025

Action Plan: FY 2020-21 (Revised 11.5.2020)

Action Plan: FY 2022