UMass professor crowdsourcing ground water level data

David Boutt, who teaches hydrology at UMass Amherst, says ground water levels have been rising for the past half century. He studies ground water levels and how they affect flooding in the northeast. 

Weather-wise, we see a lot of lot of variation here in New England. Even though there is a lot of hydrological data going to the 1940s, most of that data isn’t collected from the areas where flood has arguably the greatest economic and social effect: residential areas.

Boutt and his research team have a survey where you can enter data based on local experience. It’s a short form that will most likely take only a few minutes.

Any data you contribute may assist future planning for future infrastrucure improvements.

(Thanks to Jacob Wycoff, CBS 4 Boston)


Published: March 21st, 2024

Author: Alan Thibeault