Policy Watch: Meeting Rooms Use Policy

On June 7, 2018, the Saugus Public Library’s Board of Trustees approved an amendment to our Meeting Rooms Use Policy. The amendment pertains to consumption of food or beverages in our Meeting Rooms.
In accordance with our Library User Behavior Policy and Meeting Rooms Use Policy, patrons may consume individual, wrapped snack items or lidded/covered drinks in meeting rooms. Consumption of meals, takeout food, outside food deliveries, overly-scented consumables or uncovered beverages is prohibited.

The Library staff reserves the right to ask patrons who abuse this privilege to remove the consumable items from the Library. Patrons consuming beverages or food in the library may be financially responsible for any damage resulting from spills or stains.

Patrons wishing to consume food or drink beyond that permitted by this policy must obtain permission from the Library Director or their designee prior to occupancy of the meeting room.

Published: June 11th, 2018

Author: Alan Thibeault
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