EARLY VOTING / New Friends Book Sale Closed

The ongoing New Friends Book Sale will be closed from Friday, August 26th through Friday, September 2nd due to the Town holding early voting in the Community Room. We’ll be back in business on Tuesday, September 6th.


The daily schedule for Early Voting:

Saturday, August 27th 9am to 5pm

Monday, August 29th  8:30am to 7pm

Tuesday, August 30th  8:15am to 4pm

Wednesday, August 31st 8:15am to 4pm

Thursday, September 1st 8:15am to 5pm

Friday, September 2nd  8:15am to 5pm

Remember to use the Taylor Street entrance when the Library is closed.

Published: August 26th, 2022

Author: Alan Thibeault
Tags:Book sale, Early voting, New Friends,