Chef Michael Twitty

Join a community of 25 public libraries from across the state on Thursday, June 10, 2021 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM to welcome culinary historian Michael Twitty, as he discusses his memoir, The Cooking Gene, the 2018 James Beard Foundation’s Book of the Year Award-winner.

African American culinary historian Michael Twitty found there was a giant hole in the story of American cooking and in the story of most African American families. In this unique memoir, Michael starts to trace his family history through the story of Southern and American food. Using genetic research, historic interpretation, nature study, heirloom gardening, and interviews with contemporary voices in food, his journey led him back to his family’s origins in West and Central Africa and put him center stage in the discussion over race and food in American life through his popular food blog, Afroculinaria

Massachusetts-based chef and author (and huge Michael Twitty fan), Chef Bill, will facilitate this event’s discussion.

This is a free Zoom program, but space is limited. Register to reserve a spot. Please note, registration will close 2 hours prior to this event.

Historical interpreter Michael Twitty recreates antebellum cooking methods at a former plantation.

Published: April 14th, 2021

Author: Mary