Arts @ the SPL: Cyanotypes by Sally Jacobson

March through April, 2020, the Saugus Public Library, in collaboration with Galleries at LynnArts, is featuring works   by Sally Jacobson. Sally uses the historical alternative photographic process cyanotype, blueprint, or sunprint which in its pure form gives one a blue and white image. The For Sally, the basic process begins by painting a light sensitive emulsion on your substrate (paper, fabric, wood, anything slightly porous that will hold up in water) in subdued light and exposing it like a photogram to an ultraviolet (UV) light source such as sun light. This requires paying attention to the elements and forward planning. At times she deviates from the process employing techniques such as wet cyanotype, bleaching, toning, and over or under exposure.  She typically prints on paper and vintage linens. At times also using a variety of printmaking methods and needlework to enhance the work.

“As an artist I am interested in the delicate and the fierce. I am drawn to anything botanical, either emerging, alive, shriveled and dry, dead, drawn, printed, or embroidered. In my work I look for insight into life, beauty, and balance which I find can be poignant and fleeting. I work intuitively often reworking a piece that has been cast aside that suddenly becomes intriguing.”



Published: March 4th, 2020

Author: Alan Thibeault
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