Art @ the SPL: Through Different Lenses

Elizabeth Hall and Nicole Werth have used their artwork to show how perspective and
the lens through which you see the world can color your perception and experience.
Shifting time, seasons, or vantage point greatly changes how you perceive an object or
a space. Perception is your own private understanding of the world. Through art,
creators are able to share their viewpoint of the world around us and encourage the
viewer to look at the world around them in a new way.

This exhibition, in the Library’s 1st Floor Reading Room, is presented through a partnership with the Galleries at Lynn Arts. It will run July through August, 2019.

Elizabeth Hall has been creating images with traditional techniques since she graduated
from MassArt with a BFA in photography in 1992. But she has been inspired by all the
advances of technology that have allowed her to have a digital camera and studio in her
pocket, her iPhone. She is constantly looking for funky angles, different perspectives
and using apps to create unique iPhoneography images. She is also the current
Vice-President of GALA.
Nicole Werth is the Treasurer of GALA, a Lynn artist, and owner of Nicole Werth
Designs. She specializes in artwork based on natural themes sometimes in artificial
environments and manmade hardscapes. She attended Grinnell College where she
received a degree in Anthropology. Her love of nature, scientific study, and cultural
beliefs and norms colors her artwork. Generally, she will begin her artwork by fully
immersing herself in a subject through print and in the field if possible. For her 2013
collection, she traveled the length of the Connecticut River from its start at the Canadian
border to the mouth in Long Island Sound. She documented the plants and animals, as
well as the impact of non-native and invasive species on the ecosystem. Her current
body of work has tackled pollution, reusable resources, human’s impact on bird species,
and the natural wonders of the North Shore.



Published: July 1st, 2019

Author: Alan Thibeault