Art @ the SPL: Watercolors by Emmanuelle Le Gal

The Saugus Public Library is featuring watercolors by Lynn artist Emmanuelle Le Gal in the 1st Floor Reading Room. The subjects of her work range from places in France to more local environs, like the city of Lynn and the Saugus River.

Emmanuelle studied at the Massachusetts College of Art, focusing on a BA in Graphic Design. She currently resides in Lynn. Emmanuelle focuses on watercolors for their immediacy and simplicity. She explores different subject matter depending on what catches her eyes, constantly challenging herself. Art has always been an integral part of her life and her desire to express beauty through art continues.

La Clott, 5/3/17, 9:21 AM, 8C, 7138×8745 (517+937), 100%, Art 1, 1/40 s, R127.2, G95.6, B106.3

Published: March 5th, 2019

Author: Alan Thibeault