Art & Exhibit Display Policy

  1. General:
  2. A. The Library’s mission is to inform, enrich, and empower all citizens by providing and promoting free access to the universe of information and ideas. In support of this mission, the Saugus Public Library welcomes the use of the Library’s exhibit space by individuals and organizations.


  1. B. Library exhibition spaces are limited and include wall space in the Reading Room on the first floor and an exhibit case inside the front doors.


  1. C. The Library provides space free-of-charge to exhibitors regardless of their beliefs or affiliations, provided the content is within the broad standards of community acceptability. In planning their displays, exhibitors should be aware that the space is accessible to all members of the public with no attempt to restrict access on the basis of age. All sides of an issue deserve equal representation over time, although not necessarily within any single display. As is the case with collection development, the Library (as represented by the Library Director or their designee), will exercise judgment as to current usefulness or interest, authority, and competence of presentation, importance as a record of the times, relevance to the collection, and standards of quality in terms of content and format. Exhibits should contribute positively to the Library’s environment and enrich the life of the Saugus community.


  1. D. The Library reserves the right to refuse or remove any material judged unsuitable or to rescind exhibition if this policy is violated. Exhibits of a pornographic, polemic, or discriminatory nature will be refused. If elements of a display are judged inappropriate by the Board of Trustees or the Library Director, the sponsoring individual or organization will be required to remove those elements immediately.


  1. E. Display area(s) may also be used for materials from the library’s collection or to publicize library services, collections, or services; library use of spaces takes precedence over other uses.


  1. F. Display spaces may not be used for entrepreneurial or commercial purposes, for the solicitation of business, for profit, or for fundraising. Religious proselytizing and partisan political recruitment are similarly prohibited; educational exhibits on these subjects is allowed.
  2. G. In hosting and/or presenting exhibits, the Library does not imply endorsement of the beliefs or viewpoints of their subject matter.


  1. Booking: Exhibit space is booked through the Library Director or their designee and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Exhibit space may be booked up to one year in advance. The Library reserves the right to change exhibition dates if necessary but will make every reasonable effort to coordinate a satisfactory arrangement with exhibitors should such action be necessary.


  1. Installation and Removal: Unless the Library elects to do so, exhibitors will set up and remove their own exhibits.


  1. Exhibit Release: The Library and the Town of Saugus do not insure exhibits. The exhibitor assumes full responsibility for loss or damage to materials on display. All items placed in the Library are exhibited at the owner’s risk. Owners and/or exhibitors must read and sign an Art and Exhibit Release Form (attached to this document).



Approved by

The Board of Trustees: November 8, 2018















Exhibitors are advised since the Saugus Public Library and the Town of Saugus do not insure exhibited materials for fire, theft, or other casualty resulting in loss, damage, or destruction of personal property belonging to private individuals or entities while on display at the Library, the Trustees of the Saugus Public Library, their agents, servants, and/or employees cannot and will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to works or collections occurring while materials are on display at the Library.




Having read the Library’s Art and Display Policy, and in consideration of the opportunity to exhibit materials in the Saugus Public Library, I hereby agree to the terms set forth in this Art and Exhibit Display Policy. I release the Trustees of the Saugus Public Library, their agents, servants, and/or employees from any and all claims I may have for loss or damage to my materials while they are on display at said Library.



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