Unaccompanied Minors Policy

The Saugus Public Library welcomes and encourages patrons of all ages to visit the Library and make use of the programs, services and resources offered.  In addition, the Trustees and staff of the Saugus Public Library care deeply about the well-being of the children who are our patrons.  However, the Saugus Public Library is not responsible for the welfare of the children who are left unattended in the library. Responsibility for the safety and behavior of minors always rests with the parent, guardian, or assigned adult caregiver, and not with library staff.  Staff cannot act in loco parentis, nor can library staff supervise unattended youth.  No children under the age of 7 may be left unattended anywhere in the library.  Because the Library is a public building, open to all, parents are strongly urged to accompany their children, especially younger children, at all times during their visits to the library.  Parents or guardians should make sure that even older children have an emergency phone number that staff may use to contact them should the need arise.

Unaccompanied Minors at Closing Time

No unaccompanied child shall be ejected from the library at closing time. The staff will make an effort to contact the parents, explaining that when they have to vacate the building, they will have to refer the child to the local police department for his or her own safety.  If staff are unsuccessful in reaching the parents directly, and the closing hour arrives, the staff will consult the local police department.


Board of Library Trustees

January 8, 2015

Amended May 4, 2017