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Older Children in the Children’s Room

The Children’s Room is designed for and focused around the informational and experiential needs of children from birth through 5th grade and their families, caregivers and educators.

  • Middle and High School students are encouraged to use the Young Adult and Adult Departments for access to informational and recreational materials and services.    Middle and High School students may use the Internet computers in the Children’s Room as long as younger students do not need them, and the computers are being used appropriately with one student per computer.
  • Middle and High School students may not congregate in any area of the children’s room.     Middle and High School students should be encouraged to use the adult bathrooms in the hallway across from the Circulation Desk.
  • Like all library patrons, Middle and High School students must be considerate of the rights of others to work safely and undisturbed. (see the Saugus Public Library Behavior Policy for Library Users).

Policy Approved

Board of Library Trustees

January 8, 2015