Customer Service Policy

Libraries are public institutions that provide a worthy public service: free access to information and entertainment. The public trust and faith in the library is not so much about information retrieval or document management as it is about the intangibles—the relationships, the place, the environment for learning. It is top-notch customer service that will sustain and grow the library and its services.

Residents of Saugus fund library services through local taxes, and they should feel comfortable and welcome while using their own library.  However, the Saugus Public Library strives to offer excellent library services to all, regardless of address. In doing so, it is important that the library staff provide accurate, efficient and friendly service at all times to all visitors.

The Customer Services Policy of the Saugus Public Library is the foundation for all staff interactions with the general public.

  1. The Library does not discriminate, but offers the same quality of service to all regardless of age, race, sex, nationality, educational background, physical limitations, or any other criteria which could be a source of discrimination.
  2. The staff treats patrons politely, promptly, and with helpful attention.
  3. Judgment calls are always made in the patron’s favor. If we make a mistake, it should always be to the patron’s advantage.
  4. We always try to offer an alternative (i.e. interlibrary loan, etc.) if a staff member is unable to comply with a patron’s request.
  5. Staff members are familiar with and able to articulate library policies as well as explain the rationale behind them.
  6. We value feedback. Customer comments, whether negative or positive, are always welcome and taken into consideration when planning library services.


Demeanor is defined as: the way a person looks, speaks, and acts; one’s manner of behavior towards others; a personal mode of expressing attitude. Non-verbal demeanor conveys attitude via the facial expression and posture just as tone of voice and choice of words affect a message. In public service institutions such as the Saugus Public Library, it is imperative that every staff/patron interaction is a positive one for the patron. A friendly helpful demeanor can often ensure a positive experience, even when the message conveyed is not a pleasant one.

Staff members are expected to act in a friendly, helpful manner which will ensure that the patron will walk away feeling that their experience with the library has been a positive one. People who work with the public should smile, be approachable, and cultivate positive body language and a friendly tone of voice.

Each staff member, while at work, acts as a representative of the Saugus Public Library to each person or group with whom she or he comes in contact. The impression made on the patron profoundly affects the library’s image and level of on-going public support.


The needs and requests of library patrons are always to be taken seriously and treated with respect. Equal consideration and treatment is given to all users in a non-judgmental environment.

All interactions and transactions between a library patron or group of patrons and the Saugus Public Library are considered confidential and will be discussed only in a professional context. (Such matters include, but are not limited to, registration information, materials selection, loan transaction records, reference questions, patron card status, etc.). Staff must remember that, although the temptation to discuss or share difficult transactions at the public desk is great, any such discussions are to be private and kept among staff.
Approved by Library Board of Trustees

November 14, 2012

Revised February 8, 2018