Saugus Public Library
295 Central Street Saugus, Massachusetts 01906
781.231.4168 (phone)
781.231.4169 (fax)



All returns are processed daily. When the Library is closed, returns should be placed in one of two book returns. A large, blue, free-standing return box is located outside of the Central St. entrance. All audio and video materials should be returned in the return slot leading directly into the building to the left of the Central St. entrance. The two book drops are open whenever the Library is closed although the blue bin may be locked in bad weather. For the convenience of our patrons, the return slot which deposits items into the building remains open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Please Note: Both book drops are emptied only once per day just prior to the Library opening.

All books left in the book drops are checked in the next day that the Library is open. There is a one-day grace period insuring that fines will not accrue for items left in the book drop. The computer does not accrue fines on days the Library is not open.

295 Central Street Saugus, Massachusetts 01906 ~ phone 781.231.4168 ~ fax 781.231.4169