The library will be closed on Thanksgiving and Friday November 24


The Saugus Public Library appreciates gifts of materials, money or other property.  These gifts often help to enrich and improve the library’s resources.  The Saugus Public Library welcomes donated materials that support the general needs of the library collection, or stock the book sale.  The Library reserves the right to determine retention, location, and other considerations relating to use of any donated items.
Materials found to be suitable for the collection will be cataloged and placed in the collection.  Materials not accepted for the Library collections may be offered to other academic or public libraries, placed in the Library’s book sale, recycled or discarded.
The Library will provide a receipt for materials, but Librarians will not assign a tax value to donations.

A few helpful guidelines:

The Library welcomes donations of current hardcover books and paperbacks in excellent condition.  Excellent condition means clean, odor-free and gently used.

We do not accept any VHS tapes, magazines, encyclopedias, textbooks or cassettes.
Gifts in other formats, such as art work, furniture or photographs must be approved for acceptance by the Library Board of Trustees.  Items accepted by the Trustees become the sole property of the Library and may be utilized or disposed of at any time without restrictions.
Monetary contributions are added to the Library’s Donation account held by the Treasurer of the Town of Saugus.  Donated funds are handled according to procedures established by the Library in conjunction with the Town Treasurer.  These contributions may be used for the purchase of materials, programs or supplies needed by the Library.  Restricted gifts will be accepted if the specific use is consistent with Library goals, mission and objectives, and are approved by the Library Board.    In addition, the Library Board may remove all restrictions from a gift fund when, as a result of any restriction, there has been no expenditure from the fund for at least two years and the Board determines that the restrictions do not reasonably provide a benefit for the Library.

The Library reserves the right to refuse any gift.  This applies especially to materials that would place a burden upon the Library in terms of staffing, storage, repair or maintenance costs.

Accepted by Board of Library Trustees

Nov. 14, 2012